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Akari Asayiri got caught being hot at work and now she has a co-worker pushing her around. She has tried to return to normal in her office after her co-worker seeing her fingering hew own pussy. But now he is always horny when he sees her and since he has already had her sweet pussy in his mouth before, he gets hot for her pussy when she walks around the office in her sexy office girl outfit. Akari has the best tits and hottest legs and cutest face and now she has to walk around the office like normal but who could resist a hot babe like her? She loves her husband and loves to suck him off when she gets home from work and tonight she has planned a special cock sucking for him but she has to leave work early to prepare. She tells her boss about getting out of there early but he seems really horny today and he needs her to stay a bit late so he can get off. She of course wants to get home but since her boss is such a horny dude he really needs her sweet tits in his face and his hand down her panties. She has some pantyhose on that are going to be taken off as he really wants to slide several fingers deep into her pussy. He loves to make her cum for him. He loves to hear Akari moan with pleasure as he takes care of her holes. This has to be quick so he is going to have her kneel down after she comes and stick his cock in her mouth to suck him off before he turns her over to fuck her from behind. What a lovely office romance!

Date: September 11, 2023

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