Fu Sazanamipust on her old swimsuit uniform to get fingered in shower – JapanHDV


Fu Sazanami took a whole shot of hot cum to her mouth the last time we saw her. She belongs to the uniform club which means she puts on her old uniform and waits for men to ask her out. She could wear her old HS uniform or even her gym outfit from HS or maybe her old swimsuit from her HS swim class. Whichever it is, you know that someone is going to have a fetish for that uniform and ask her to satisfy some sexual fetish they have. Today she is looking hot in her old swimwear. She loves to show off that she has maintained her sexy body and can still fit into her old uniform. She looks amazing and her lover for the day took her into the shower as he has a fetish for water and swimsuits and also waterworks. They both get in the shower and he does not take her suit off, he leaves it on as that is his water sports fetish. But, me moves the suit aside so we can access her pussy. She has a very tight sweet pussy and he uses the suit to pull on it and play with it. He gets more and more excited as he plays with her pussy and now he wants to get into it. He pulls her suit open and pulls out her pussyy lips and slips a finger inside her lovely pussy. He starts with one finger inside and he starts to massage her pussy and then he really gets going and she ends up squirting all over him! Go see the whole water works show! You are going to love it!

Date: September 11, 2023

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