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Saki Nakanishi is so sexy. What a hot tight body she has. Those legs are skinny and sexy and that short skirt she wears hikes right up when she leans over so we can see her cute white cotton panties. What we see turns us on and we think she would be hot in bed and we wonder how her husband could be stepping out on her. She is confiding in a friend how she feels bad that her husband has a new girlfriend. She has treated him well and sucked his cock and given him handjobs in the shower and she feels that she does not deserve to have a cheating husband. She has decided that she is going to stop with all the sex with him as he is sticking his cock into some office girl every night he says he is staying at the office for work. So, now that she has not had sex in a while and she is mad about the cheating she has some other plans for herself and what she wants to do. She happens to get a call from her cheating husband that he is out right now gambling. So, since he does not seem to care about her, and her future Saki has decided that she wants to feel good herself and forget about the issues with her nasty husband. She decides that since her friend is hot and he knows all the problems and understands what she is going through that he would be a good hard fuck and that would take her mind off her bad husband. He of course has offered any help he can as a good friend and she takes up the offer by sucking his cock! Go see what else she does with his hard cock.

Date: September 11, 2023

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