In the Black Magic ward of the local hospital with sexy nurses – JapanHDV


Kai wakes up in the nightmare. This time she is having her breakfast with a nurse as she hears the chants of nurses. This chant sounds evil and she grows pale at the thought of these evil nurses. But then, she starts to see that the nurses are not really evil, they are just horny. One comes and stands in front of a patient and lifts her frock to show off her stockings and garter and her tight ass. Kai watches in amazement as the nun directs the man to remove her panties and lick her asshole. She actually wants his tongue in her ass. He begins to lick her virgin ass and suck on her asshole. This is sot hot for Kai and then she sees it is also too much for the nun as she turns around and grabs the patient’s cock and slides it in her mouth. What a fucking show! And now Kai pulls her panties down as she is so horny she wants a finger deep in her own pussy. She begins to fuck herself as the man slides his tongue deep into the the nun’s pussy as he has spread her legs on the floor. He is digging in deep and sucking on her lips and now he has his cock out ready to slide into that hot pink virgin pussy.

Date: September 11, 2023

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