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Kotori Shirayuki has spent the day masturbating in a van in Tokyo. She was then driven to a park and given a vibrator to shove into her pussy with a remote control. She was told to walk around the park with this vibrator in her pussy stimulating her. She then went into the public bathroom in the park where she had a cock thrust into her mouth and she sucked and licked a cock until it was time to fuck her hot pussy. Now she is back from her trip around Tokyo and she is in a room with a man who has her mough g4gged and his hands all over her body. He slides her zipper down and pulls off her dress and reaches in and grabs her breasts and pulls her bra down so he can enjoy her tits. Her nipples are hard and his hands are all over lovely tits. He pinches her hard nipples as she moans. He stands her up and removes her bra as she is now just in her pink, satin panties. He reaches down between her legs and rubs her pussy over her panties while his other hand grabs her breasts. She has a tiny figure and those boobs are large for her petite size. He lays her down and pulls off her panties as now it is time to explore her very hot pink pussy. He has her spread her legs and he tells her to reach around with both of her hands and spread her pussy lips back so he can finger her clit! Go see what he does to the lovely Kotori Shirayuki next.

Date: September 11, 2023

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