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Miss Yui Shiina has been a bad bad girl. She needs to learn her lesson and that the things she does have consequences. She is currently in the bathroom in some sexy clothes her fiancГ© has bought her for the occasion. She looks very sexy and hot and she is sitting all alone. She was asked to think about what she had done to deserve this punishment. She admits that she should not go to the local convenience store and flirt with the cashier and then invite him home to fuck her when her fiancГ© is at work. This is not the action of a good girl and today she is being punished for this. Although she admits this was wrong of her and she should not have done it secretly she is glad she fucked him as it was her birthday and she really wanted some cock that afternoon. So today her fiancГ© has her in the bathroom in some special writs restraints and tells her to think of how wrong her actions were. He comes in and she tells him that she is horny and she wants his cock. She has been a nasty girl so he is going to have to show her what happens to bad girls. He grabs her big tits and squeezes them and rubs her nipples after he pulls her bra down. He wants her hot and wet and horny. She is given a sex toy and told to use that if she is horny. He slips it into her panties and turns it on. She is now wanting to fuck real bad but her fiancГ© makes her wait! He pulls down her panties and tells her to finger herself! Go see what Yui gets next for her bad girl actions.

Date: September 11, 2023

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