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Remember that time Yura went to get a massage and the dude fucked her hot wet pussy? Well today we catch her at work in the office. She is so sexy and hot that one of her co-workers and her have been fucking after office hours. But today he comes to her and wants his dick in her mouth in the office! She has such a nice sweet mouth and she knows how to suck cock just right. She takes her time and sucks and licks and squeezes that it really gets him off. You can imagine how well she can suck a dick just by looking at that sweet mouth of hers. So today she is at her desk when he comes over and starts to feel her up. She is very nervous as she does not want to get caught but now with all the touching she is getting very horny. What should she do? She loves a hard cock in her mouth and she loves risk and adventure but now she could get in trouble if her boss sees her blowing the office worker at her desk. She throws caution to the wind when he pulls out his cock and shows it to her. It is too much for her and she has to have it in her mouth now. She slides it in and gives it the proper treatment it deserves. She decides that she can not fuck him now at her desk as that would be too risky but just sucking his cock and getting him off will be enough of a risk. So she sucks him and he blows all his cum down her throat! What a fucking cock sucking champion is our hot office girl Yura Hitomi!

Date: September 11, 2023

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